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Magnetic bracelet as an indication of style

Timelessly modern and always an expression of elegance – arm jewellery for her. A ladies' bracelet is essential to a trendy look and hugely reinforces your visual effect. Our female stone-age ancestors already adorned themselves with interesting bracelets and it's a trend that continued through to ancient Greece and Rome. Even Cleopatra wore magnetic jewellery. Jewellery was previously a status symbol and a sign of wealth – today everyone can afford it and use it to underline their own styles and tastes.

Wide variety of different bracelets in our shop

We're able to offer ladies' bracelets in widely differing versions and materials, e.g. from stainless steel, copper, silicone, leather, textile and wood. We’re able to offer complete bracelets in adjustable sizes and in different sizes to ladies who like to be decisive. Our range of jewellery for ladies includes many different jewellery sets so that a magnetic bracelet for ladies can be wonderfully complemented with matching necklaces and earrings. We also have many models in our range for individual tastes: our flexible system makes it possible for you to easily combine straps and ornamental elements to create your own bracelets. This also lets you express your visual effect individually and define your own look as a lady. Test various colour compositions, realize the combinations you like and let your creativity run free.

Magnetic bracelets for women

A fashionable trend accessory with wellness aspect. Magnets stand for power and energy? Impossible? A magnetic bracelet makes all this possible at the same time. A selection of ENERGETIX's magnetic bracelets also comes with copper pieces on the inside. Copper bracelets have been worn by athletes, e.g. golfers and tennis players, for many years. If you've never had any experience with a magnetic bangle, the time has now come to test this special type of ladies' jewellery and combine the pieces with each other.