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Magnetic rings for him

It's not only women who appreciate high-quality items of jewellery: many men also like to wear rings that are sometimes opulent and sometimes discreet. ENERGETIX offers you a wide range of men's jewellery in a variety of designs. Conventional rings in different sizes are available as are modern flexible rings that stretch and therefore wrap perfectly around your fingers. ENERGETIX's range also includes rings in the fashionable ‘used look’.

High-quality stainless-steel rings by ENERGETIX

All rings in the ENERGETIX shop are made from stainless steel to which different surface coatings have sometimes been applied. Some models come with a small amount of copper. Which means that men's magnetic jewellery by ENERGETIX is not only a visual highlight but that the magnetic rings also make it easy to contribute to your own personal well-being.

ENERGETIX magnetic jewellery as gifts

Whether you're looking for a magnetic ring for yourself or want to surprise your partner: we've got the right magnetic finger ring to suit all individual tastes. Browse the range in peace, look through our on-line catalogue or order a free copy to be sent to your home and discover magnetic jewellery for men that will perfectly meet your expectations.